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What proof of deposit is required?
What proof of deposit is required?
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When we begin your mortgage application, you'll need to provide evidence of where your deposit is coming from.

Wondering why? Well, firstly it's part of our responsibility to be vigilant against any potential money laundering - the FCA require that we save a paper-trail that evidences where the money has come from. Secondly, it's important to verify that you have your deposit ready to go, and it's accessible, so we can progress your application quickly and advise on timings.

What we'll need to see depends on the source of the deposit, so to make it as simple as possible for you, here's a quick guide.

Note that we've provided general requirements here, but mortgages aren't one-size-fits-all, so sometimes your chosen lender may need something different. Your advisor will work with you on any exceptions that crop up.

๐Ÿ’ก If you're being gifted a deposit, skip straight to our gifted deposit requirements.

Source of deposit

Evidence required

Savings account

Latest 1-month statement. The statement must show:

  • account number & sort code

  • first initial and last name

  • bank logo


If funds have been transferred:

Statement showing the funds reaching your bank account. Plus evidence of funds leaving the crypto account through a transaction report.

If funds have not been transferred:

Transaction report showing account balance, including account details.


Share certificate or screenshot of investment account, including account details.


Statement showing the loan reaching your bank account. Plus a loan statement showing terms.


Bank statement showing the cash being deposited. Plus evidence of where the cash has come from (e.g. a receipt from the sale of a car).


If the inheritance is yet to be transferred:

Letter from solicitors or will showing the amount.

If the inheritance has been transferred:

Bank statement showing the inheritance being paid in from a solicitor. Note that if you received the funds longer than 12-months ago, the funds will be classed as savings.

Sale of property

Statement showing funds in a UK bank account. Plus a document evidencing the sale, for example a completion statement.

Sale of property (yet to be sold)

Memorandum of sale. Plus, if you have a mortgage, we need to see evidence of your mortgage balance: a statement or screenshot of up to date balance.

Deposit Boost

If arranged through Tembo, any of the below:

  • Copy of your Booster's mortgage application

  • Copy of your Booster's mortgage offer

  • Gifted deposit letter signed by your Booster

If not arranged through Tembo, and of the below:

  • Proof of funds in Booster's bank account

  • Copy of your Booster's mortgage offer

  • Gifted deposit letter signed by your Booster

Overseas bank account

Requirements vary depending on whether the bank account is from a low-risk or high-risk country (your advisor will help you identify yours!).

Low risk country:

Latest 3-month's bank statements showing build up of funds with a final balance covering the deposit amount required.

High risk country:

As above, plus a bank statement for your UK account showing the transfer into the UK.

Sale of an overseas property

Low risk country:

Contract of sale showing the vendor of the property and the purchase price. Plus latest 3-months bank statements from the overseas bank showing the proceeds of the sale.

High risk country:

As above, plus a bank statement for your UK account showing the transfer into the UK.


Latest entry with balance. Copy must show transactions and account details (name, sort code, account number).

Gifted Deposit requirements

All cases

Gifted deposit letter signed & dated (your advisor will send this).

Gifted funds already transferred

Bank statement showing the funds in your UK bank account, including a statement showing the transaction arriving into the account.

Gifted funds yet to be transferred

Latest bank statement from your donor showing funds.

Gifted funds from a high/medium risk country

We will require more evidence in this circumstance. Your advisor will work with you to explain the specific requirements as they vary lender to lender.

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