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Discovering your affordability or budget
How can I discover my mortgage affordability?
How can I discover my mortgage affordability?

What to expect when you complete our fact find and generate a mortgage recommendation.

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Discover your true budget and affordability in under 10-minutes by creating a Tembo recommendation on our website.

A recommendation is a customised mortgage illustration, showing you all the mortgage options available to you. You create one by completing our fact find.

While most mortgage calculators use a simple calculation of your eligible income multiplied by 4 or 4.5 to determine how much you could borrow, we go a lot further.

Our smart technology scans over 100 lenders and 20,000 mortgage products, as well as over 20 specialist buying schemes to help you discover your true affordability.

These schemes include mortgages you might have heard of, like Shared Ownership, as well as guarantor mortgages that enable a loved one to support a mortgage using their income, property or savings.

On average, our product increases average budgets by £82,000.

Once you generate a recommendation, you'll be shown indicative monthly repayments, maximum borrowing and interest rates for each mortgage scheme. After that it's time to book a call with our friendly team to discuss next steps.

Note that you can't afford the property price you've requested, we'll generate a recommendation showing a lower property price.

Your recommendation is an illustration only.

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