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How can I increase my mortgage affordability?
How can I increase my mortgage affordability?
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If you can't borrow enough to buy the home you want, or remortgage your current property, you're not alone. The affordability gap is bigger than ever. It's why we founded Tembo.

We specialise in helping to boost affordability; on average we increase budgets by Β£82,000.

Here are some of the ways you can do this...

Family support

The most common way of doing this is to add a Booster (or guarantor) to your mortgage. A Booster is a family member or friend who wants to help their loved one get onto the property ladder.

There are a few ways the Booster can help. They can either support a buyer's mortgage application with a Deposit Boost or an Income Boost, or use their savings to boost your deposit temporarily.

We've developed a detailed guide here which covers the risks, benefits and options for potential Boosters.

Professional mortgages

Depending on what field you work in, you can sometimes borrow up to 5.5 or even 6x your income. This is typically available to those working in professional fields, e.g. lawyers, doctors, accountants, vets. However there are options available if you're a key worker or a high earner, too.

Shared Ownership

Buy a share of a home and rent the rest. Over time you can staircase up!

Create a Tembo recommendation today to discover what you're eligible for.

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