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Can I get a 95% mortgage with a bad credit rating?
Can I get a 95% mortgage with a bad credit rating?
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Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to get a 95% mortgage without a strong credit rating. That's because a lender will view you as a higher risk borrower, and 5% deposit mortgages are already riskier for the lender.

However, if you have a family member who is willing to support you, take a look at our Deposit Boost (click here to check your eligiblity). This could help you get into the 10% or 15% bracket where you may have a better chance at securing a 95% mortgage.

If you don't already know your credit inside out, download a report from checkmyfile. This collects data from all of the main credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Crediva.

Once you've got your report, either share it with your Tembo expert, or - if you haven't spoken to us yet - send it to to [email protected] and our mortgage experts will review. Remember to provide the password if you've set one!

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