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Our complaints process
Our complaints process
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Before we respond to your complaint, our complaint handler will investigate the circumstances surrounding your complaint and which led to it being made. They will look at why you have made your complaint and investigate what might have gone wrong.

We will keep you updated on the progress of your complaint up to the time when you receive our response. Then, within 15 days from the date of your complaint, our complaint handler will send you either:

  1. A final response addressing the complaint and outlining your right to appeal with the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint; or

  2. A holding response which explains why we are not in a position to make our final response, giving reasons for the delay and specifying the deadline by which we will provide our final response.

Within our final response, we will either:

  • Accept the complaint and, where appropriate, offer redress or remedial action;

  • Offer redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint; or

  • Reject the complaint and give reasons for doing so.

Please note that if we reject the complaint, it does not mean that we aren’t empathetic to your experience, or that we are dismissing your feedback.

We will always look to make internal improvements from customer feedback. It simply means that we can’t find evidence to support the specific claims made in the complaint.

👉 If this all feels quite formal, that’s because complaints are serious for an FCA regulated business, and customer experience is extremely important to us.

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