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How do I download my NatWest bank statements?
How do I download my NatWest bank statements?
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We don't usually have to explain how to download bank statements - it's usually pretty self-explanatory. But with NatWest, it's a little different as it's easy to confuse a transaction report (which lenders won't accept) with the full statement.

How to download the right statement first time:

  1. Log in to your online banking - do not use the app!

  2. Select 'statements and transactions' in the top navigation

  3. Click 'view and save pdf statements and certifications of interest'

  4. Choose the account you wish to download a statement from and click 'next'

  5. Select the month you want to download and click 'view statement'

  6. Click 'download statement (PDF)'

This will download a full bank statement - which includes the bank's branch, your name and address. A transaction statement doesn't show this information and is therefore invalid in a lender's eyes.


βœ… This is what the header of the pdf should look like

❌ This is a transaction statement - which won't be accepted

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