What is an Income Boost?
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An Income Boost is known in mortgage-land as a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage. The idea of a JBSP is to increase the amount a buyer can borrow. This is done by including up to 4 people on the mortgage (Joint Borrowers). They can allocate some of their income to the mortgage so a greater amount can be borrowed. This product is particularly good if the buyer is likely to have a pay increase over the coming years, so ultimately the joint borrowers can come off the mortgage. The 'sole proprietor' part means that only the buyer is on the deeds of the property, so the other joint borrowers do not have ownership of the property (they are just on the mortgage). In the event the buyer is unable to pay the mortgage the joint borrowers would be jointly liable for it.

Check out our full guide to JBSP mortgages here, or watch the videos below to learn more!

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